July 24-th


Tree Lupin

July 24-th in the Calendar

This  is the 205th day of the year. There are still 160 days remaining until the end of this year.

Flower of the day – Tree Lupin  (dedicated to St. Lupus)

Scientific name – Lupinus arboreus 

Christian Feast Day

  • St. Charbel
  • St. Christina The Astonishing
  • St. Christina of Bolsena
  • St. Declan of Ardmore
  • St. Dictinus
  • St. Godo
  • St. John Boste
  • Bl. Joseph Fernandez
  • St. Kinga of Poland
  • St. Kundegunda
  • St. Lewina
  • Bl. Maria Angeles of Saint Joseph
  • Bl. Maria Mercedes Prat
  • Bl. Maria Pilar Martinez Garcia & Companions
  • St. Menefrida
  • St. Meneus and St. Capito
  • Bl. Modestino of Jesus and Mary
  • Bl. Niceforo of Jesus and Mary
  • St. Niceta and  St. Aquilina
  • St. Ursicinus
  • St. Victor, St. Stercntius, and  St. Antigones
  • St. Vincent
  • St. Wulfhade and St. Ruffinus

Holidays and Celebrations of July 24-th

  • Ecuador, Venezuela, Columbia, Bolivia – Simón Bolívar Day
  • Stirling, Alberta -Stirling Settler Days 
  • United States, Utah- Pioneer Day
  • United States- Tenessee Readmission Day
  • United States- Public Opinion Day
  • Women Aviators Day
  • Detroit’s Birthday
  • Instant Coffee Birthday

 We Wish Happy Nameday to

  • Amelia, Amalia, Anita, Antoni, Athinagoras,
  • Boris, Chris, Christa, Christen, Christian, Christine,
  • Christy, Christina, Christine, Christoph, Christophorus,
  • Cristina, Cristian, Cole, Comhghall, Dargvilas ,  Dargvilė,
  • Deaglan, Declan, Elena, Gerburg, Kiersten, Kirsten,
  • Krista, Kristian, Kristen, Kristi, Kristin, Kristina,
  • Kristine, Kiia, Kersti, Kerstin, Kinga, Kinsco,
  • Kirsi, Kirstin, Krista, Kristi, Kristiana, Kristin,
  • Kristina, Kristiina, Kristel, Kristyna, Kristoforas,
  • Krists, Kristupas, Krystyna, Krists, Kinga, Kunegunda,
  • Kunigunda, Kunigunde, Luise, Maya, Olga, Rista,
  • Riste, Segolene, Sieglinde, Siglind, Stina, Tiina,
  • Vladimir, Wojciecha, Živilė,
  • Аркадий, Елена, Ефимия, Ольга, Кристина, Алена,
  • Лев, Луиза, Никодим, Ольга
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