July 25-th

Herb Christopher

Herb Christopher

July 25-th in the Calendar

This  is the 206th day of the year . There are  still 159 days remaining until the end of this year.

Flower of the day – Herb Christopher (dedicated to St. Christopher ) 

Scientific name – Actea spicata

Christian Feast Day

  • St. Anne
  • St. Christopher – a Patron Saint of travelers
  • St. Cucuphas
  • St. Florentius and  St.Felix
  • St. Glodesind
  • St. James The Great – a Patron Saint of Spain, Santiago and rheumatism
  • St. Julian of Le Mans
  • St. Magnericus
  • St. Nissen
  • St. Paul of Gaza
  • Sts. Thea and St. Valentina
  • St. Theodemir

Holidays and Celebrations of July 25-th

  • Costa Rica – Guanacaste Day
  • Galicia – National Day of Galicia
  • Puerto Rico – Commonwealth Constitution Day
  • Sussex – Ebernoe Horn Fair
  • Tunisia – Republic Day 
  • United States, Connecticut – Mermaid Day
  • United States- Wyoming Territory Day
  • Merry Go Round Birthday
  • International Brick and Rolling Pin Throw

We Wish Happy Nameday to

  • Ana, Ann, Anna, Aušrinė, Caolan, Coby,
  • Colby, Colman, Cristoforo, Diego, Efpraksia, Fiachra,
  • Fionnbharr, Giacomo, Israel, Ivette, Ivo, Ivonne,
  • Jack, Jackie, Jackson, Jaclyn, Jacqueline, Jacquelyn,
  • Jacob, Jacoby, Jaagup, Jaak, Jaako, Jaakob,
  • Jaakoppi, Jaap, Jaakko, Jacques, Jaime, Jake,
  • Jakob, Jakab, Jako, Jakob, Jakub, Jakov,
  • James, Jameson, Jamie, Jaquan, Jaqueline, Jaxon,
  • Jaxson, Jass, Jekabs, Jim, Jimena, Jimmie,
  • Jimmy, Jokūbas, Kargaudas Kobe, Koby, Kolby,
  • Kristof, Kristofor, Kristoforas, Kristupas, Krzysztof,
  • Marika, Neasan, Nieznamir, Olympias, Santiago, Slawosz,
  • Tea, Thea, Thomas, Valentina, Valentine, Walentyna,
  • Yana, Žakelina, Антон, Арсений, Вероника, Гавриил,
  • Иван, Мария, Михаил, Фёдор, Христофор, Яков,
  • Арсений, Вероника, Гавриил, Григорий,
  • Ефим, Прокл, Семен, Федор, Ян
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