August 10-th


Common Balsam

August 10-th in the Calendar

This is is the 222nd day of the year .There are still  143 days remaining until the end of this year.

Flower of the day  – Common Balsam (dedicated to St. Lawrence)

Scientific name – Impatiens balsam

Christian Feast Day

  • St. Acrates ( or Aragawi)
  • St. Agilberta
  • St. Aredius
  • St. Asteria
  • St. Bessus
  • St. Blane
  • St. Deusdedit of Canterbury
  • St. Geraint of Dumnonia
  • St. James of Manug
  • St. Laurentinus
  • St. Lawrence of Rome- a Patron Saint of brewers, confectioners, cudlers, armorers, schoolboys, students, washerwomen and glaziers.
  • St. Thiento and Companions

Holidays and Celebrations of August 10-th

  • Philippines – Our Lady of Good Success of Parañaque, Patroness of Parañaque
  • Ecuador- Declaration of Independence of Quito
  • United States- Missouri Admission Day

We Wish Happy Nameday to

  • Aistė, Asteria, Asterija, Astra, Astrid, Bernard, Bogdan,
  • Borys, Brencis, Comyn, Evlampia, Filomena, Herb,
  • Herbert, Herbie, Heriberto, Inuta, Ippolytos, Iro,
  • Iron, Laar, Labrencis, Labrenc, Laima, Larry, Lars,
  • Lasse, Lassi, Laur, Laura, Laurean, Laurel, Lauren,
  • Lauri, Laurenc, Laurencjusz, Laurent, Laurenz, Lauri,
  • Lauro, Laurus, Laurits, Laurentius, Laurynas, Lavrentios,
  • Lavrin, Lawrence, Laar, Lora, Loren, Lorena, Lorenzo,
  • Loretta, Lori, Lorraine, Lorenc, Lovro, Lovorka,
  • Lorenz, Lorenzo, Lõrinc, Norimantas, Prochor, Renzo,
  • Vavrinec, Vavro, Wawrzyniec, Wierchosalw, Zvjezdan
  • Богдан,  Борис, Лаврентий, Акакий, Арефа, Василий ,
  • Доримедонт, Евстафий, Евфимий, Иоанн,Иван, Иулиан,
  • Моисей, Никанор, Николай, Павел, Пармен, Питирим,
  • Прохор, Сергий,Сергей, Тимон, Анастасия, Антонина,
  • Дросида, Елена, Ирина, Мавра
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