August 19-th


Branched Herb Timothy

August 19-th in the Calendar

This is the 231st day of the year . There are  still 134 days remaining until the end of this year.

Flower of the day – Branched Herb Timothy ( dedicated to St. Timothy)

Scientific name –  Phleum paniculatum

Christian Feast Day

  • St. Andrew the Tribune
  • Bl. Anthony
  • St. Badulfus
  • Bl. Bartholomew Monfiore
  • St. Bertulf of Bobbio
  • St. Calminius
  • St. Credan
  • St. Donatus
  • St. Elaphius
  • Bl. Emily Bicchieri
  • St. Ezequiel Moreno y Diaz
  • St. Guenninus
  • Bl. James Denshi
  • Bl. Joachim Firayama Diz
  • St. John Eudes
  • Bl. John Foyamon
  • Bl. John Nangata
  • St. John Yano
  • St. Julius
  • Bl. Lawrence Rokuyemon
  • Bl. Leo Suchiemon
  • Bl. Louis Flores
  • St. Louis of Toulouse
  • St. Magnus of Avignon
  • St. Marianus
  • St. Marinus
  • Bl. Michael Diaz
  • St. Mochta
  • St. Namadia
  • Bl. Paul Sanchiki
  • Bl. Peter Zuniga
  • St. Rufinus
  • St. Sebald
  • Bl. Thomas Koyanangi
  • St. Timothy, St. Thecla, and St.  Agapius

Holidays and Celebrations of August 19-th

  • Afghanistan – Independence Day
  • Philippines – Manuel Luis Quezón Day
  • United States- National Aviation Day
  • United States – Go To The Track Day
  • World Humanitarian Day
  • First permanent  photographic process announced

 We Wish Happy Nameday to

  • Argaudas, Boleslaw, Boleslovas, BalysBert, Charitas,
  • Donat, Emilia, Emilija, Ivan, Huba, Jan, Jean,
  • Jean Eudes, Johann, Johannes, Jonas,  Julian, Julius,
  • Juliusz, Imanta, Italo, Ljudevit, Ludovico, Ludvik,
  • Ludwik, Lydia, Maano, Maanus, Magin, Magnus,
  • Mango, Marlene, Melanija, Mauno, Mins, Piotr,
  • Reginlind, Sade, Sadie, Salina, Sally, Sara, Sarah,
  • Sarai, Sari, Sarina, Sebald, Tekla, Tolvina,
  • Vratislava, Zarah, Людвиг, Лев
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