August 27-th

Hedge Hawkweed

Hedge Hawkweed

August 27-th in the Calendar

This  is the 239th day of the year. There are still  126 days remaining until the end of this year.

Flower of August 27-th  – Hedge Hawkweed  (dedicated to St. Caesarius) 

Scientific name –  Hieracium umbellatum

Christian Feast Day

  • St. Anthusa the Younger
  • St. Baculus of Sorrento
  • St. Caesarius of Arles
  • St. Decuman
  • St. Ebbo
  • St. Etherius
  • St. Euthalia
  • St. Gebhard of Constance
  • St. Honoratus
  • St. John of Pavia
  • St. Licerius
  • St. Malrubius
  • St. Margaret the Barefooted
  • St. Monica of Hippo – a Patron Saint of Mothers, Especially Mothers of Difficult Children
  • St. Narnus
  • St. Phanurius of Rhodes
  • St. Poemon
  • St. Rufus and St.  Carpophorus

Holidays and Celebrations of August 27-th

  • Moldova – Independence Day.
  • Texas (United States) – Lyndon Baines Johnson Day
  • Beauty is In the Eye of he Beholder Day
  • Cherokee National Holiday
  • Tarzan’s Birthday

We Wish Happy Nameday to

  • Angel, Anita, Aodhan, Arcadia, Arcadios, Aušrinė,
  • Caesar, Cäsar, Cesar, Cezaris, Cezarijus, Cezary,
  • Časlav,  Fanouros, Fanourios, Gaspar, Gebhard, Gebhart,
  • Honorat, Jorens, Jozef, Kalasanty, King, Kingsley,
  • Liberios, Lyndon, Maime, Maimi, Maimo, Maimu,
  • Malgorzata, Monica, Monika, Monique, Osios, Otakar,
  • Przybymir, Ragnars, Rauli, Rolf, Rudolf, Rufus,
  • Sherri, Sherry, Sheryl, Silvia, Silvio, Silvius,
  • Valdmiers, Vivian, Teodor, Tolvydas, Zanis, Аркадий,
  • Михей, Семен, Феодосий,  Александр, Алексий,
  • Алексей, Аркадий, Василий, Владимир, Елевферий,
  • Лукий,  Маркелл,Матфей, Матвей, Михей, Николай,
  • Симеон, Урсикий, Феодор, Фёдор, Феодосий,
  • Ева, Евдокия
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