August 28-th

August 28-th in the Calendar

This  is the 240th day of the year . There are still  125 days remaining until the end of this year.

Flower of August  28 th – Common Goldenrod  (dedicated to St. Augustine)

Scientific name  – Solidago virgaurea

Christian Feast Day

  • St. Alexander of Constantinople
  • St. Augustine of Hippo – The Patron Saint of printers, theologians and brewers
  • Bl. Aurelio da Vinalesa
  • St. Edmund Arrowsmith
  • St. Facundius
  • St. Fortunatus
  • St. Gorman
  • St. Hermes
  • Bl. Hugh More
  • Bl. John Roche and Bl. Margaret Ward
  • St. Julian of Auvergne
  • Bl. Laurentia Herasymiv
  • St. Moses the Black
  • St. Moses the Ethopian
  • St. Pelagius of Constance
  • Bl. Robert Morton
  • St. Rumwald
  • Bl. Teresa Bracco
  • Bl. Thomas Felton
  • Bl. Thomas Holford
  • St. Vivian
  • Bl. William Dean
  • Bl. William Guntei

Holidays and Celebrations of August 28-th

  • United States- Dream Day

 We Wish Happy Nameday to

  • Adelina, Adelind, Adelinde, Agoston, Agostino, Aleksander,
  • Aleksy, Aline, Augst, August, Augusta, Auguste,
  • Augustin, Augustina, Augustinas, Augustina, Augustinus,
  • Augustyn, Austen, Austin, Austina, Austyn, Damon,
  • Elouan, Feidhlimid, Gull, Gurli, Gus, Gustav,
  • Gustava, Gustavo, Guste, Gustina, Hermetas, Kustas,
  • Kustav, Kusti, Kusto, Patricija, Patrycja, Ranna,
  • Sobieslaw, Steigvilė, Stronislaw, Tymon, Vivian,
  • Wyszomyr, Tarvilas, Tauni, Tauno, Мария
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