September 14-th



September 14-th in the Calendar

This is the 257th day of the year . There are still 108 days remaining until the end of this year.

Flower of the day – Passionflower (dedicated to Exhaltation of the Cross) 

Scientific name – Passiflora coerulea

Christian Feast Day

  • Feast of the Cross
  • St. Aelia Flacilla
  • St. Caerealis and St.  Sallustia
  • St. Cormac
  • St. Crescentian
  • St. Crescentius of Rome
  • St. Gabriel Taurin Dufresse
  • St. Maternus of Cologne
  • St. Notburga

Holidays and Celebrations of September 14-th

  • International Cross Culture Day
  • India — Hindi Day
  • Mexico — Day of the State of Chiapas entry into the Union.
  • Nicaragua — Day of San Jacinto
  • United States- National Anthem Day
  • Star Spangled Banner Day

We Wish Happy Nameday To

  • Aanija, Albert, Bernard, Bruno, Camille, Cormac,
  • Cyprian, Dragan, Dragutin, Drahan, Drahotin, Elida,
  • Eisvinas , Eisvina, Exaltacion, Ida, Iida, Jens,
  • Keisha, Koknesis, Krescencijus , Krescencija, Krustan,
  • Krustina, Krustyo, Lakeisha, Latasha, LaTease, Latisha,
  • Leticia, Letitia, Letty, Ludomil, Ludomila, Norberts,
  • Radka, Raimo, Raimond, Raimu, Raimund, Reimo,
  • Reimu, Roksana, Roxana, Roland, Sanda, Sanita,
  • Santa, Serena, Siemomysl, Stavri, Stavros, Stavroula,
  • Szerena, Szymon, Theoklis, Tish, Tisha, Ulrich,
  • Višeslav, Иисус, Марта, Марфа, Семен, Ермоген,
  • Симеон, Бернард, Киприян
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