September 19-th

Devil's Bit Scabious

Devil’s Bit Scabious

September 19-th in the Calendar

This  is the 262nd day of the year. There are still 103 days remaining until the end of this year.

Flower of the day  – Devils’ Bit Scabious  (Dedicated to St. Lucy ) 

Scientific name  – Scabiosa sucissa

Christian Feast Day

  • Our Lady La Salette
  • Bl. Alphonsus de Orozco
  • St. Arnulf
  • St. Emily de Rodat
  • St. Eustochius
  • St. Goeric of Metz
  • St. Januarius
  • St. Maria de Cerevellon
  • St. Nicholas of Tolentino – The Patron Saint of infants and also of the dying and of the souls in purgatory
  • St. Peleus
  • St. Pomposa
  • St. Sequanus
  • St. Theodore of Tarsus
  • Bl. Thomas Akafuji
  • St. Trophimus, St. Sabbatius and St. Dorymedon

Holidays and Celebrations of September 19-th

Chile – Armed Forces Day
Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Saint Kitts and Nevis from the United Kingdom in 1983.
International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Laundry Day

We Wish Happy Nameday To

  • Albert, Alfons, Alfonsyna, Arnulf, Arnulfas, Berttold,
  • Carita, Costanzo, Emilie, Emilija, Erna, Fiontan,
  • Fintan, Frederika, Friderika, Gennaro, Girvinas, Igor,
  • Januarije, Januarius, Januarijus, January, Konstancia,
  • Konstancja, Konštantin, Konštantin, Konštantina, Marna,
  • Monroe, Morgan, Morgann, Morganna, Morganne, Muntis,
  • Nilo, Precious, Reija, Savatios, Sawyer, Sydonia, Suzana,
  • Teodor, Theodor, Thorsten, Varnensis, Verners, Vytė,
  • Vilhelmina, Vilė, Wieciemir, Wilhelmine, Wilma, Zita,
  • Željko, Архип, Давид, Кирик, Кирилл, Макар, Михаил,
  • Констанция, Януарий, Андрей, Денис, Фекла, Феоктист
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