September 20-th

Common Meadow Saffron

Common Meadow Saffron

September 20-th in the Calendar

This is the 263rd day of the year. There are still 102 days remaining until the end of this year.

Flower of the day – Commmon Meadow Saffron (Dedicated to St. Eustachius) 

Scientific name  – Colchicum autumnale

Christian Feast Day

  • St. Agapitus
  • St. Agatha Chon Kyonghyob
  • St. Agatha Kim
  • St. Agatha Yi
  • St. Agatha Yi Kannan
  • St. Agatha Yi Kyong-i
  • St. Agatha Yi Sosa
  • St. Anna Kim
  • St. Andrew
  • St. Candida
  • St. Cecilia Yu
  • St. Dionysius
  • St. Eusebia
  • St. Eustace
  • St. Eustachius
  • St. Fausta and Evilasius
  • St. John Charles Cornay
  • St. Jose Maria de Yermo y Parres
  • St. Lawrence Imbert
  • St. Lucia Park Huisun
  • St. Magalena Ho Kye-im
  • St. Martha Kim
  • Martyrs of Korea
  • St. Paul Chong Hasang
  • St. Agapitus
  • St. Susanna U Surim
  • St. Teresa Yi Mae-im
  • St. Theodore, Philippa, and Companions
  • Bl. Thomas Johnson
  • St. Thomas Son Chason
  • St. Vincent Madelgarus

Holidays and Celebrations of September 20-th

  • Thailand -National Youth Day
  • Are You Somebody? Day
  • Magellan began sailing around the world
  • United States- National Laundry Workers Day

We Wish Happy Nameday To

  • Agata, Agda, Andrija, Aodhan, Candida, Davy,
  • Dionizy, Eustach, Eustachia, Eustachio, Efstathios,
  • Eustace, Eustacia, Eustachijus, Eustachius, Eustachiusz,
  • Eustachy, Eustaquio, Evstathios, Fausta, Faustyna, Filibert,
  • Filipina, Friderika, Guntra, Haille, Hailey, Haleigh,
  • Haley, Halie, Halle, Hallie, Haylee, Hayley, Henri,
  • Hertha, Irena, Kaubi, Kaupo, Kolumba, Liboslav,
  • Liboslava, Luboslav, Luboslava, Marianna, Oleg,
  • Oleh, Ostap, Sozant, Stathis, Susanna, Svjetlana,
  • Tautgirdė, Vainoras, Vainora, Varpu, Vaula,
  • Александр, Андрей, Иван, Лука,  Макар, Савва, Ян,
  • Евстафий, Александр, Андрей, Василий, Григорий,
  • Евгений, Евод, Евпсихий, Евтихий, Иван, Лев,
  • Лука, Макарий, Михаил, Николай, Онисифор,
  • Пахомий, Пётр, Савва, Серапион, Созонт, Стефан
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