September 24-th

Dung Fungus

Dung Fungus

September 24-th in the Calendar

This is the 267th day of the year . There are still 98 days remaining until the end of this year.

Flower of the day – Dung Fungus (Dedicated to St. Gerard) 

Scientific name– Agaricus fimiputris

Christian Feast Day

  • St. Anathalon
  • St. Andochius
  • Bl. Anton Martin Slomsek
  • St. Bercthun
  • St. Chuniald and St. Gislar
  • St. Gerard Sagredo
  • Martyrs of Chalcedon
  • Our Lady of Mercy
  • St. Paphnutius
  • St. Rupert of Salzberg
  • St. Rusticus
  • St. Ysarn

Holidays and Celebrations of September 24-th

  • Cambodia – Constitution Day
  • Guinea Bissau – Independence Day
  • New Caledonia – New Caledonia Day
  • Peru – Peruvian Armend Forces Day
  • South Africa – Heritage Day
  • Thailand – Mahidol Day
  • Trinidad and Tobago- Republic Day
  • Bullwinkle’s Birthday
  • Chapped Lips Day
  • Miss Piggy Day
  • United States- National Bluebird of Happiness Day

We Wish Happy Nameday To

  • Agris, Agrita, Alvar, Alver, Alvo, Anatolij, Auno,
  • Ceallachan, Callahan, Eartha, Ertha, Gerard,
  • Gerarda, Gerardas, Gerardo, Gedvinas, Gedvina,
  • Gellert, Gerhard, Gert, Gislar, Herman, Herta,
  • Hertha, Jaromir, Knuts, Kopros, Lubor, Luboš,
  • Marche, Maria, Mercedes, Mercedesz, Mercy, Mirsini,
  • Mirto, Pacifico, Pacifik, Persefoni, Persis, Rostyslava,
  • Rupert, Scot, Scott, Scottie, Scotty, Teodor, Terenc,
  • Thecla, Thècle, Thekla, Tomir, Virgil, Volodyslav, Герман,
  • Дмитрий, Димитриан, Ия, Сергей, Сергий, Силуан,
  • Владислав, Федора, Герард, Теодор,
  • Евдокия, Лев, Петр, Роман, Сергей, Сидор
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