September 27-th

Multiflowered Aster

Multiflowered Aster

September 27-th in the Calendar

This  is the 270th day of the year . There are still 95 days remaining until the end of this year.

Flower of the day –Manyflowered Starwort (Dedicated to St. Delphina)

Scientific name  – Aster multiflorus 

Christian Feast Day

  • St. Absadi
  • St. Adheritus
  • Sts. Adolphus and John
  • St. Barrog
  • St. Bonfilius
  • Bl. Brother Scubilionis
  • St. Ceraunus
  • St. Deodatus
  • St. Elzear of Sabran
  • St. Epicharis
  • St. Euprepius
  • St. Fidentius and St.Terence
  • St. Hiltrude
  • St. John Mark
  • St. Vincent de Paul – The Patron Saint of charitable organizations and charitable giving

Holidays and Celebrations of September 27-th

  • World Tourism Day
  • Belgium – French Community Day
  • Mexico – End of Independence War
  • United States – Ancestor Appreciation Day

 We Wish Happy Nameday To

  • Adalbert, Adalbertas, Adolfas, Adolfs, Akylini, Amadaeusz,
  • Amedeusz, Berislav, Cosima, Cosimo, Dosmo, Cyprian,
  • Daugilė, Dagmar, Damian, Damiana, Damien, Damion,
  • Damon, Damiana, Damijonas, Dietrich, Elo, Epicharis,
  • Finnen, Finian, Florentino, Gaj, Hiltrud, Ilgonis,
  • Jonaš, Kallistratos, Kęsgailė, Kjeld, Kosma, Kozmas,
  • Kovaldas, Loone, Mirabela, Õrne, Przedbor, Rigmor,
  • Ronalds, Thilo, Vesa, Vincent, Vincentas,Vincente,
  • Vincenzo, Vinko, Vinzenz, Urban, Zenon,
  • Zinon, Иван, Винцент, Дамиант, Косма, Ян
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