September 6-th

Autumnal Dandelion

Autumnal Dandelion

September 6-th in the Calendar

This is the 249th day of the year. There are still 116 days remaining until the end of this year.

Flower of the day – Autumnal dandelion  (dedicated to St. Pambo) 

Scientific name  – Apargia autumnalis

Christian Feast Day

  • St. Arator
  • St. Begga
  • St. Cagnoald
  • St. Chainaldus
  • St. Cottidus,  St. Eugene, & Companions
  • St. Dionysius
  • St. Donatian
  • St. Eleutherius
  • St. Faustus
  • St. Felix and St. Augebert
  • St. Gondulphus of Metz
  • St. Maccallin
  • St. Magnus of Füssen
  • St. Onesiphorus
  • St. Petronius
  • Bl. Thomas Tsughi

Holidays and Celebrations of September 6-th

  • Bonaire – Flag Day
  • Bulgaria – Unification Day
  • Armed Forces Day (São Tomé and Príncipe)
  • Pakistan – Defence Day or Army Day
  • São Tomé and Príncipe- Armed Forces Day
  • Swaziland- Independence Day
  • United States and Canada -Stillbirth Remembrance Day
  • United States- Co-Ed College Day

We Wish Happy Nameday To

  • Aiki, Albin, Alica, Angela, Angelika, Asko,
  • Balva, Bartram, Beata, Beate, Bertram, Bertrand,
  • Bertram, Boleslav, Boris, Bria, Brian, Colm, Colman,
  • Davor, Esaias, Eugenia, Eugeniusz, Eva, Evdoxios,
  • Faustas, Fausto, Gundolf, Ingel, MacCuillin, Magnus,
  • Maigonis, Magnus, Magnuss, Mansvet, Michal, Petronio,
  • Sciath, Sakarias, Tautenė, Theobald, Ultan, Umberto,
  • Uniewit, Vaištautas, Veda, Vivos, Yahir,
  • Zachariasz, Zachariaš, Zaharija, Zakarias, Арсений,
  • Георгий, Пётр, Косма, Беата, Евгений,
  • Магнус, Егор, Козьма, Максим, Петр
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