September 8-th



September 8-th in the Calendar

This is the 251st day of the year . There are 114 days remaining until the end of the year.

Flower of the day – Amellus (dedicated to St. Adrian) 

Scientific name – Aster amellus

Christian Feast Day

  • Nativity of Virgin Mary
  • St. Adela
  • St. Adrian
  • Bl. Anthony of St. Bonaventure
  • St. Corbinian
  • St. Disibod
  • Bl.Dominic of Nagasaki
  • St. Eusebius
  • Bl. James Fayashida
  • Bl. John Inamura
  • Bl. John Tomaki
  • St. Kingsmark
  • Bl. Lawrence Jamada
  • Bl. Leo Kombiogi
  • Bl. Louis Nifaki
  • St. Louis of Omura
  • Bl. Maria Eutimia
  • Bl. Matthew Alvarez
  • Bl. Michael Jamada
  • Bl. Michael Tomaki
  • St. Natalia of Nicomedia
  • St. Nestor
  • Our Lady of Charity
  • St. Paul Aybara
  • Bl. Paul Tomaki
  • St. Romanus Aybara
  • St Sergius I
  • Bl. Thomas of St. Hyacinth
  • Bl. Thomas Tomaki
  • St. Timothy and St. Faustus

Holidays and Celebrations of September 8-th

  • International Literacy Day
  • Andorra- National day, also the feast of Our Lady of Meritxell
  • Macedonia-Independence day
  • Malta- Victory Day, also the feast of Our Lady of Victories
  • New Mexico- The first day of Fiestas de Santa Fe
  • Pakistan- Victory Day
  • Blondie’s Birthday
  • United States- National Alcoholims Awareness Day
  • United States – National Pet Memorial Day

We Wish Happy Nameday to

  • Adela, Adria, Adrian, Adriana, Adrianna, Adrien,
  • Adrienn, Adrienne, Adrijonas, Alan, Alma, Ally,
  • Amirs, Arhippa, Arho, Beline, Daumantė, Despoina,
  • Fearghus, Fergus, Fiontann, Fintan, Franz, Genethlios,
  • Hadria, Hardrian, Hadrien, Ilga, Ilgonis, Joachim,
  • Joakima, Joaquin, Joaquina, Klementina, Klementyna,
  • Korbinian, Liaudgaudas, Maria, Mariana, Mariann, Marianna,
  • Marianne, Marija, Mariä, Marijica, Mary, Mertxell, Miriam,
  • Miriama, Miro, Natalia, Nativite, Nelda, Nestor,
  • Nuria, Otmar, Radoslaw, Radoslawa, Skiadeni, Taimi,
  • Tsamipika, Vytautas, Адриан, Мария, Наталья, Степан, Радослав
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