British names for Baby Girls – E

  1.  Eacnung– a fertile woman
  2. Eada–  the one who is prosperous
  3. Eadburga– the one who came from the rich fortress
  4. Eadigness– one who is blissfull
  5. Eadlin– born to the king
  6. Earic– a powerful woman
  7. Earla– a leader, a ruler
  8. Earline– a feminine form of Earl -06.20
  9. Earna– the one who is like  an eagle
  10. Eartha – the one who came from the Earth – 09.21
  11. Earric – a pwerful woman
  12. Eathelin– a noble woman of the waterfall
  13. Eathellreda– a noble woman
  14. Ebba – the one who is like a tide
  15. Eberta – a form of a name Ebert – the one who wields a shining sword
  16. Edith- the spoils of war, one who is a treasure – 09.26
  17. Edlyn – the noble one
  18. Edmunda– a wealthy protector – 09.20
  19. Edra– a powerful woman
  20. Edris–  a prosperous ruler
  21. Edwina– the one who is wealthy and has many friends –
  22. Eferhild– a warrior who is strong as a bear
  23. Egeberta– wielding the shining sword
  24. Eglantine– the one who is like  an eglantine flower
  25. Elberta– a form of a name Albert;  the one who is noble and bright – 03.11; 04.08
  26. Eldreda– the one who provides a wise counsel
  27. Elethea – the one who heals the others
  28. Elga– the one who wields an elf‘s spear
  29. Elexis – a form of a name Alexander;  the helper and defender of a mankind
  30. Elida–  the one who resembles a winged creature
  31. Elisa – a form of a name Elisabeth,  – my God is bountiful
  32. Ellen– the shining light -08.18
  33. Ellenweorc – a woman known for her works and courage
  34. Ellery- a form of a name Hillary- the  bringer of joy
  35. Ellette – the one who is like a little elf
  36. Ellyce – a form of a name Elijah – the Lord is my God
  37. Elmira- a princess, born to the royalty
  38. Elswyth– the one who lives near  the willow-tree
  39. Ember – the one who is like a fire that is burning low
  40. Emsley – a gift from God
  41. Enore – the one who cares
  42. Erwina– a friend of the boar -04.24
  43. Esne– the one who is  filled with happiness
  44. Ethelburga – a noble woman, the one who is living in the town – 04.05
  45. Etheswitha – a daughter born into the royalty
  46. Ewana – a form of a name Evan – God is gracious

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