British names for Baby Girls – F

  1. Faina – the joyful one
  2. Fairly–  the one who came from the meadow
  3. Faith– the one who has a belief – 08.01
  4. Fairy– a fairy
  5. Fancy– the one who is decorated and sparking
  6. Fara– a traveling woman, a wanderer
  7. Farley–  the one who came frome a fern clearing
  8. Farrah – the one who bears the burden – 02.27
  9. Farren – the adventurous one
  10. Faye – the one who came from a fairy kingdom -08.01
  11. Fay- from a fairy kingdom
  12. Favor– one who grants an approval
  13. Felder – the bright one
  14. Fern- the one who is like a fern -05.30; 11.26
  15. Fernley– the one who came from a meadow of ferns
  16. Fielda – the one who came from a field
  17. Filberta – a form of a name Filbert – the dearly loved one
  18. Fina– a feminine form of  a name Joseph – God will add
  19. Finch– the one who is like a bird
  20. Flair- an elegant woman
  21. Flanders– a woman from Belgium
  22. Fleming– a woman from Belgium
  23. Fleta– the one who is swift
  24. Florizel– a young  and blooming wooman
  25. Ford– the one who lives near the water
  26. Forest– dwelling in the woodland
  27. Fowler – the one who traps the birds
  28. Frythe – the  calm  one

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