British names for Baby Girls – K

  1. Kaelyn – a girl from the meadow
  2. Kambria– a woman of Wales
  3. Kaprice– a form of a name  Caprice- unpredictable
  4. Karisma– the one who is  blessed and charming
  5. Karol– a form of a name  Carol- a small and strong woman
  6. Karoline– a small  and a strong woman
  7. Karington– the one who is  admired
  8. Kassandra– an English form of  a name Cassandra- the prophettess – 01.22; 05.09
  9. Kassidy- the  one with curled hair, a form of a name  Cassidy – 09.02
  10. Kay- the keeper of the keys – 04.22; 11.29
  11. Keaton– the one who came  from a shed town
  12. Kelsey– the one who came  from the island of ships – 01.13
  13. Kendra–  the one who has  power,  the one who lives on the hill – 02.13; 10.11
  14. Kennice–  the one who is beautiful and gracious
  15. Kensington – a brash lady
  16. Kenzie– fiery, the daughter of the leader
  17. Kermeilda– gilded woman
  18. Kerry – a little dark haired one – 03.05
  19. Kesara– the one with a beautiful hair
  20. Keyla– a wise daughter
  21. Kimberly–  the one of the fortress – 06.28
  22. Kinsey- the king‘s victory
  23. Kingsley–  the one who came from the king‘s meadow
  24. Kirby– the one who came from the church town
  25. Kismet– a fate, a destiny
  26. Kitty- the one who is like a cat
  27. Klaudia- an English form of  a name Claudia – the  lame one
  28. Kleopatra– an English form of a name  Cleopatra- the Egyptian queen
  29. Kodi– the helpful one
  30. Kolby–  the one who came from the coal town
  31. Kolette– victorious woman
  32. Konstanza– a form of  a name Constanza- the one who is steadious
  33. Kordell – a good hearted woman
  34. Kristina– a follower of Christ – 06.24
  35. Krystal– precious like a crystal – 11.14
  36. Kyla- the one who came  from the narrow channel – 11.12

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