British names for Baby Girls – M

  1. Mabel – the one who is lovable
  2. Maddox– the one who is wealthy and prosperous
  3. Madge-a  form  of a name Margaret- the one who is precious like pearl
  4. Madison– the daughter of the wealthy warrior
  5. Madoline– the one who is accomplished, a name of the musical instrument
  6. Maertisa– the one who is well known, famous
  7. Maitane– the  one who is dearly oved
  8. Maitland–  the one who came from the meadow
  9. Malvina– the  with smooth brows
  10. Mamie-a form  of a name Mary
  11. Mandy– a form of a name Amanda-  the one who is loved
  12. Manning- the daughter of a man
  13. Marigold– the one who is like a  golden flower
  14. Marjorie – a form of a name  Margaret – precious like a pearl
  15. Marlee- the one who came from  the marshy meadow
  16. Marlo- the one who is like  driftwood
  17. Marvina– a friend of the sea
  18. Maryland– honoring  Queen Mary
  19. Mason– the one who works with a stone
  20. Mattox – a gift from God
  21. Maxine– the greatest
  22. Mercer– a merchant
  23. Merry- happy, lighthearted
  24. Mertice- a well knowned one
  25. Mildred– gentle and strong
  26. Miller– the one who works at the mill
  27. Mindy – sweet and gentle
  28. Mirinesse– filled with joy
  29. Missy– the one who is like a honey-bee
  30. Morguase– the mother of Gawain in the legend of  King Arthur
  31. Morley – woman from the moor

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