British names for Baby Girls – O

  1. Oldwin – an old and beloved friend
  2. Oleda– the one who is like a winged creature
  3. Ongela – a form of a name Angela – the one who is like an angel
  4. Omyra– a form of Myra- resembling a fragrant oil
  5. Ongela– a form of a name Angela- resembling an angel
  6. Orguelleuse– an arrogant woman
  7. Orva – precious as gold
  8. Osanna– a form of a name  Hosanna – raising a praise to God
  9. Osberga– the one who is like a queen
  10. Osma– protected by God
  11. Otha – the little rich child
  12. Ouida –a form of a name Louise- a famous warrior
  13. Overton –the one who comes  from the upper side of town

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