British names for Baby Girls – P

  1. Page– a young assistant
  2. Paisley – a woman of the church
  3. Pamela– a sweet woman
  4. Panda- the one who is like a panda
  5. Pansy – the one who is like a  flower pansy, thoughtful
  6. Paprika– the one who is like a spice
  7. Paradise –the one who came   from  Paradise
  8. Parker– the keeper of the park
  9. Paris– the one who came from the city of Paris
  10. Parley – the one who negotiates
  11. Parson – the one who comes from the clergy
  12. Patience- the patient one
  13. Patricia– a feminine form of a name Patrick, of a  noble decent
  14. Paula– a feminine version of a name Paul, petite
  15. Payton– the one who came  from the warrior‘s village
  16. Peggy– a short form of  a name Margaret- precious like a pearl
  17. Pelham- the thoughtful one
  18. Pembroke – the one who came from the broken hill
  19. Pennsylvania– from the land of Penn
  20. Peri– the one who is like a pear tree
  21. Perwinkle– the one who is like a  flower perwinkle
  22. Petunia – the one who is like a  flower Petunia
  23. Philberta – a feminine form of  a name Philbert- the dearly loved one
  24. Philippa- a feminine form of  a name Philip –a friend of horses
  25. Philomena – a strong and beloved friend
  26. Piper – the one who plays flute
  27. Platinum – as precious as platinum
  28. Poe – a mysterious woman
  29. Polly – a form of a name  Mary – the  star of the sea
  30. Poppy– the one who is like a  flower poppy
  31. Posy – the one who is like  a bouquet,“God will add“
  32. Presley– the one who came  from the priest‘s town
  33. Princess – a high born daughter
  34. Prudence – a cautious woman
  35. Providence–  the one who has a divine guidance
  36. Puck – a mischievous fairy
  37. Purity – the chaste one, clean
  38. Pyllyon -the one who is  enthusiastic

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