British names for Baby Girls – R

  1. Radcliffe – a woman  from the red cliffs
  2. Rae– a form of a name  Rachel – the innocent lamb
  3. Ramsey – from the raven island
  4. Randi –the one who is  shielded by wolves, a form of a name  Miranda
  5. Raven – the one who is like a  raven
  6. Rawnie – an ellegant lady
  7. Redell – the one who came from the red meadow
  8. Reed – a red haired lady
  9. Rella –a foreigner,  from a foreign land
  10. Rheda – a divine woman
  11. Rigg – a woman from the ridge
  12. Roberta – a form of a name Robert – theone who is  famous and bright
  13. Robin – the one who is like a bird
  14. Roline- a form of a name  Caroline – a joyous song, a small and a strong woman
  15. Ronalda – the ruler‘s counsel
  16. Ronni – a form of  a name Veronica- the true image
  17. Rosalind – the one who is like a rose
  18. Roseanne –the one who is like  a rose
  19. Rosemary –the one who is like  a rosemary
  20. Roya – a red- haired lady
  21. Ruby – the one who is precious like ruby
  22. Rumer – a gypsy

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