British names for Baby Girls – S

  1. Sable– a sleek one
  2. Sabrina – a legendary princess
  3. Sadie- a form of a name Sarah – a princess
  4. Saffron –the one who is like a  saffron flower
  5. Sage– the  wise one
  6. Salal – an evergreen shrub
  7. Salette- a form of  a name Sally- a princess
  8. Sallian – a gracious princess
  9. Sally – a form of a name  Sarah – a princess
  10. Savannah – the one who came from the open and grassy plain
  11. Saveage – the sister of Lyonnes, the hero of the legend of the King Arthur
  12. Sawyer – a woodcutter
  13. Scelflesh –the one  from the meadow
  14. Sesame –the one who is like a  sesame seed
  15. Shadow – a shade of the sun
  16. Shandy – the  boisterous one
  17. Shannon – a name of the river
  18. Sharise – a form of a name Charis – a kind  and graceful one
  19. Sharmane – a form of Charmaine – a delighful and charming woman
  20. Shelley – the one who lives on the bank‘s meadow
  21. Sherry – the one who is greatly loved
  22. Sheryl – the one who is greatly loved
  23. Shirely –the one  from the bright clearing
  24. Shyla – the one who is blind
  25. Sibyl – a prophetess, a seer
  26. Sitka – a woman from the city in Alaska
  27. Snowdrop – the one who is like a  snowdrop flower
  28. Sparrow – the one who is like a sparrow
  29. Spencer– a dispenser of provisions
  30. Spring- the one who was  born in spring
  31. Stacey – a form of  a name Anastassia – one who shall rise again
  32. Sydney –  the one of the wide meadow

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