Name- Mila

  • Gender of the name– This name is y given to a girl.
  • The origin of the name Mila– it is a slavic name. This name is popular in  Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Czech, Poland, Ukraine
  • The meaning of the name – This name originates from slavic root  Mil, (Мил) meaning “gracious”, “beautiful, pleasant to eye” or “dear”. This name may also be a short form of slavic names  Milena and Miloslava or Miroslava. Mila is also the first root  of the Spanish word milagro- which means miracle.
  • Name number- 8
  • Colors- Capricorn
  • Lucky colors for her are – Rose, pink, red
  • Gems – Diamond, rose quartzcoral, red agate, carnelian, sange moose
  • Flowers – Hollycok for ambition, camellia for excellence and mastery
  • Favorable day – Tuesday, Friday
  • Nameday of Mila is celebrated on  May19

Nicknames – Mimi, Millie, Milu, Milė

Variations of the name

Milah, Milla, Milena, Liudmila, Lydmila, Ludmila, Camila, Milada, Meila, Mella, Мила, Miła, Miluša

Personality of Mila

Mila is a fiery person. She is determined to achieve her goals and usually gets everything done. She is professional in everything she does and her friens love her authority. A great problem solver, industrious and hardworking. She is a great planner and a business type person. Her goals are mastery, building, expansion and perfection. Her life is not easy, but her shining personality  attracts luck, money and admiration.

Celebrities and famous people with this name

Mila Kunis – American actress
Mila Jovovich – Russian supermodel and actress residing in USA.