Name- Ellie

Gender of the name – This name is usually given to a girl.

The origin of the name–  This name has multiple origin. Roots of this name are considered to come from German language. However Greeks consider this name to be of Greek origin.

The meaning of the name – this name means “the one from the foreign land”. Iti is also thought  that ithis name derives from the word “Ellin”, which means ,,Greek”.

In Greek mythology, Elli (Helle) was the daughter of Athamas and Nefeliand also a sister of Phrixus.

Elli and her brother fled from Ino, their stepmother. They were riding on the back of the winged ram with the famous Golden Fleece, which Hermes sent to them. One story mentions that Elli fell from the air and drowned at a place in the ocean. This is why it was called the Hellespont in her honor.

Name number- 7

Lucky colors for her are – Violet, purpleblack, dark grey, blue, light purple

Gems – Amethyst, alexandriteblue sapphire,  black pearl, lapis lazuli

Flowers – Lavender for silence, rose- scented geranium for preference and discernement

Favorable day – Saturday 

Nameday of Ellie is celebrated on August 18

Variations of the name-

Elle, Ellee, Ellesee, Elli, Ellia, Ella, Elly, Ela, Ellea, Elleah, Helle

Personality of Ellie

Ellie is wise and intellectual. She loves secrets and science. You will not meet her in a crowd, as she needs lots of private space. She is very stylish and can be quite eccentrical. Her intuition is strong and that is why she is very sceptical and reserved. However Ellie is very lucky and very passionate. She is romantic, adorable and very inquisitive. She is also prudent and artistic personality.