Name- Aria

  • Gender of the name – she is  is a Girl
  • The origin of the name – This name has multiple origins. Sanskrit/Latin/Hebrew
  • The meaning of the name – In sanskrit the word  आर्य (ā́rya) means,, she who speaks aryan language” In Hebrew language the word .לביאה (Aria) means ,, lion”. In ancient Rome there was a wife of a warrior withthis name. In latin this word means ,, a musical piece”.
  • Name number- 2
  • Lucky colors for her are- Orange, peach, salmon, goldgreen, turquoise, light shade of brown, smoky grey, white
  • Luck to this girl will bring these gems- Moonstone, goldemerald
  • Flowers – White jasmine for amiability, white lilac for modesty, mimosa for sensitivity, pansy for shyness
  • Favorable day –Wednesday, Friday
  • Nameday of Aria is celebrated on  August 21

Variations of the name-

Arria, Ariana, Arijana, Arijeta, Arijūna, Arya, Aria, Arijietė, Arielė, Arya,Ariane, Arianne, Ariadne

Personality of Aria

Aria is sensitive and feminine. She is receptive and very patient. Her family knows her as very loving, cooperative and quite courageous girl. She knows how to stand her ground, however does not rush into fight. She is tedious, industrious and very diligent person.

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